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in the middle east. from syria, to libya and beyond. what should be the role of the u.s. military? we'll get an update from the region and talk with two of the senate's most influential voices on foreign policy. john mccain and joe lieberman. and healthcare reform one year later. we'll ask our sunday group what is the long-term prognosis for the president's signature legislation? all right now on "fox news sunday." and hello again from fox news in washington. before we talk with our guests, we want to bring you the latest on events in the middle east. in syria, government soldiers have been deployed around the cities that have seen the biggest protests. in yemen, talks for a peaceful transfer of power failed saturday. now authorities worry about al-qaeda gaining strength in that country. and in libya, bombing by u.s. and allied planes has paved the way for rebel forces to retake the key oil town of brega. for more on libya, let's bring in fox news correspondent steve harrigan in tripoli. steve? >> reporter: chris, a rapid advance by the rebels, they are moving west quickly toward what they s
are on the ground in libya trying to figure out exactly who the u.s. is helping over there. alison? >> reporter: dave, let's get back to a live look at that house armed services committee hearing going -- committee going on right now. they are testifying about the u.s.-led operation in lib ba. in the last hour, the secretary gates acknowledged the u.s. knows very little about the rebels taking on the libya regime. >> there are multiple, multiple agendas, at this point we don't have a lot of visibility in those. >> reporter: cia operatives, now on the ground in libya, they've been reportedly working in labia for weeks trying to gain the strength of gadhafi 'forces -- gadhafi's forces and they are trying to find out if cade is there -- if al qaeda is there. back to you. >> okay. alison. thank you. >>> a really wild scene in syria. look at this. a speech by president of syria yesterday aingeed, rather than appeased those who -- angered rather than appeased those who wanted it. in his speech, the president blamed the anti-government protests on a foreign conspiracy. >>> ten u.s. sailors are recover
addresses the nation tonight on libya. the pressure the president is under to explain the u.s. involvement. >>> also the former white house press secretary could be coming to palo alto for a new job. >>> good morning, southbound 680 traffic looks good. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and bay weather straight ahead. >>> welcome back to the morning news. president obama addresses the nation tonight. he will offer details on the u.s. military actions in libya. scott mcfarland is live. good morning, scott. >> reporter: the parking light speech take place one -- the president's speech take place one day after nato takes action. it also comes after rebel forces make huge advantages. moving closer to moammar gadhafi's hometown. there is a belief the air strikes including the u.s. air strikes have weaken gadhafi's forces. nato taking control of other things the no fly zone over libya. it's believed the president will emphasize nato's role and tell americans no u.s. ground forces will be deployed in libya. >> americans are confused as to exactly what our policy is because on the one h
to figure out exactly who the u.s. is helping. allison. >> reporter: dave, let's get right to a live look at the house armed services committee hearing room. defense secretary robert gates and joint chief chairman testifying about how the operation in libya is going and the extent of u.s. involvement. lawmakers have already expressed concern this morning about the cost and ultimate goal of the mission there. this is some video of the rebels heading into the fight against gadafi's forces. small groups of c.i.a. operatives are now working on the ground in libya. they're trying to learn more about the rebels and the strength of gadafi's military. it's critical information as the u.s. decides whether to arm the rebels. >> we have neither ruled it in, nor ruled it out. we are considering all forms of potential assistance to the opposition from humanitarian which we're already providing to political and other forms of support. >> reporter: and also new here on capitol hill this morning i just got a letter that bay area lawmakers barbara lee and lynn woman sent to house speaker john boehner. the
.i.a. on the ground in libya. what they're doing there and what it could mean for u.s. involvement. >>> also a look at pg&e's finances after a disasterrous year. >>> good morning. 680 traffic looks good as you're driving to the south bay interstate 680 is wide open for you. we will have another look at the morning commute which is getting busier in some areas. >>> good morning to you. welcome back. ten u.s. sailors recovering this morning after the engine of a fighter jet blew up and caught fire on an aircraft carrier off the southern california coast. four sailors rushed to the naval medical center. others were treated for burns. the pilot of the fighter was not hurt at all. we still don't know why the engine blew up. >>> in about 45 minutes defense secretary robert gates will testify on capitol hill about the operation in libya. allison burns is live to tell us what c.i.a. agents are doing on the ground now and how they're making contact with the rebels. allison. >> reporter: dave, american spies are on the ground now in libya trying to learn more about the rebels fighting gadafi's forces. [ soun
of this catastrophe is still too big to gauge. >>> u.s. geological survey researchers say a new study confirms that large quakes, like the one in japan, do not trigger major quakes far away. seismologists closely watched the day after the magnitude 9 quake in japan and compared that with quakes spend ising a period of 30 years name found that big quakes can trigger smaller quakes within a 600 mile radius, but not thousands of miles away. >>> san francisco will giant the nation in standing up for japan. vigils are set for many cities tomorrow night. the candlelight vigil will be across from san francisco's city hall, and include speech ands from various community leaders. >>> coming up, nato takes over in libya. what that means for the pus. and we'll have the latest on the ground war there next. >>> the largest sex discrimination lawsuit ever is about to reach the nation's highest cart. what it means for wal-mart and other companies. >>> just days after the u.s. spearheaded air strike against libya, nato has said it will assume control of all air operations. today the secretary of defense and s
up that plants cooling system. >>> president obama makes his case tonight for u.s. military involvement in libya. how the president will try to appease his critics. >>> also the local woman at the center of a walmart lawsuit about to be heard by the supreme court. >>> good morning, to you welcome back. tonight president obama speaks to the nation about the action in libya. scott mcfarland is live to tell us what is at stake for the president. >> reporter: the president makes his speech from the national defense university here in washington, d.c.. it comes ten days after the military action began in libya. there have been a flurry of developments in the past 48 hour there is. nato formerly took control of this effort yesterday. rebels have made big gains pushing closer to moammar gadhafi's home city over the weekend. the secretary of state says diplomatic efforts have been gaining traction. >> we have very tough sanctions that are fairing out and freezing gadhafi family assets. we have a lot of diplomats in libya that are flipping, changing sides. >> reporter: a lot is at st
go to the home page. >>> also today the u.s. supreme court finally takes up the case of a bay area woman who accuses wal-mart of discrimination t. is a battle that's raged on for ten years. arguments in the sex discrimination lawsuit begin today with debate focusing on whether it should become a class action lawsuit. a woman from concord is one of the six plaintiffs in the case. if the board gives the case class action status, the lawsuit can then involve as many as 1.5 million people. we're going to bring you a live report on this lawsuit coming up at 5:45. >>> the city of san francisco could become the first city in the whole nation today to take away those phone books you get on your doorstep. the board of supervisors will vote this afternoon on legislation restricting phone book deliveries. residents will only get a phone book if they personally ask for one. supporters say that would protect the environment. however some business leaders claim that decision will hurt companies who advertise in the phone books. >>> police in antioch believe a middle school art teacher has now fl
. >> reporter: robert gates says he could not offer a timetable for how long the u.s. could stay in libya. steve harrigan, fox news. >>> the president is expected to talk on libya. >>> syria's president is responding to calls for his resignation with violence. forces have killed more than 100 people during the past few days. as protesters demand greater freedom. syria is the latest arab state to explode with unrest. the government is keeping international media out, even so reports have surfaced that hezbollah may be taking part of the crack down. >>> anti nuclear greens gaining power. in an upset vote today conservatives lost the office of premier in their rich industrial state of budenburg. conservatives had held power there for 68 years straight. the green party call it a turning point. and both parties can see that japan's nuclear plant -- caused the change. >>> thousands of families had to leave their homes as a precaution. that fire was still burning late tonight. no one was hurt. >>> we're following developing news tonight out of southern california where two men drowned when a sailboat c
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9